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    Dustin Hoffman reading this book
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  1. page The Smurf Incident and Jehovah's Witnesses edited {JWARCHIVEWIKIredcircle.jpeg} Subscribe to our mailing list Follow @JWNewsHistory I do r…

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    I do remember the Smurf "urban legend" back in the 80's among us... however I had never heard this story. I have added it here only for archival reasons. I cannot vouch for it's authenticity or source. WorldNewsMedia Feb 9, 2014
    {Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.36.46 PM.png}
    John Headroves was only ten when the horror happened. It has affected him to this very day. John lives on his own in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA and recalls the story of the demonised Smurf that changed his and the lives of his family forever.
    Christmas Day
    It was December, 1985. I remember it well as I had just watched Back to the Future for the first time and decided that Michael J. Fox was my hero. When I was old enough to regular pioneer and get my driving license, the De Lorean would be my first car. It would come in handy if I made a mistake whilst out in the ministry as I could go back in time and make a change for the better.
    I grew up in a small house in Broken Bow, Nebraska. Family life as I recall was good. Broken Bow is a small city and was even smaller in the eighties. My grandparents had moved there from Northern California in the fifties, bought some land and built two houses, which they would eventually hand over to their daughters. They had lived with us for a while, but dad moved them into a home for the elderly as it had gotten quite difficult caring for them. I suppose the fact that my grandparents didn’t like my dad had something to do with it. I do remember my nan telling me that it was dad’s fault that her daughter had become a Witness. When my grandparents left, all wasn’t lost. My mother’s sister, aunt Jackie, lived next door, so it was kinda cool living so close to her and uncle Sam. They were both such warm people that cared for me and my older brother Brad so much.
    I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness and as you know, we never celebrated Christmas. Aunt Jackie on the other hand wasn’t a Witness. The Truth never took a shine to her unfortunately, although she was a beautiful human being; always smiling and laughing and joking. Why Jehovah would want to kill her at Armageddon was anyone’s guess, but ‘who are we to question Jehovah?’ I thought to myself. A major plus for me and Brad was that aunt Jackie was a massive festive freak, which meant that we still enjoyed some of what Christmas and Easter had to offer, although always without our parents knowing of course.
    On Christmas Day at around eight in the morning, our bedroom door swung open letting the hallway’s light in. My father, Bruce stood at the doorway, half dressed and with a mug of coffee in his right hand. “Boys, it’s Christmas Day and you know what this means?” dad asked.
    “We’ll be…I’ll wake up John and we’ll be down in a bit dad”. The words yawned out of Brad slowly.
    “We’re leaving in just under an hour Brad. We don’t want to be late for the field service meeting, especially as the Circuit Overseer will be there. The Christmas Day field service arrangement is really special and we’re going to have a really good time!” dad said in a cheerful tone. Brad finally made sure I was up, teeth brushed, shirt on, tie on and downstairs in twenty minutes.
    My parents always told us that the Christmas Day service arrangement was special as everyone was at home. They were right; everyone was home, especially all my classmates, which in no way was a good thing. Many of them bullied me because I was a Jehovah’s Witness and seeing them open the door in their pyjamas gave me a cold sweat. My only solace was that Jehovah saw everything and when Armageddon came, I would be the one laughing at them.
    My Christmas Present
    As we pulled into our drive, I saw aunt Jackie taking out some trash. She waved and smiled and gestured for me to go over. Dad gave me ‘the look’, which meant a mini warning was on its way. “Before you go son, remember we don’t celebrate Christmas because Jesus wasn’t born on the 25th of December”, father said sternly. I smiled and ran next door. I know I shouldn’t have, but I loved the warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas. Aunt Jackie always put up a beautifully decorated tree, stockings and the most Christmas lights you’ve ever seen all around her house.
    “Johnny, where’s Brad?” aunt Jackie questioned.
    “Brad has to answer some questions for his baptism, auntie, and so he’s gone to Brother Kendrick’s house”, I replied swiftly.
    “But Brad is only eleven? Eleven! I thought your lot didn’t believe in baby or child baptisms”, aunt Jackie mumbled under her breath just loud enough for me to hear. “Now I know your dad and my sister don’t want me giving you and Brad any Christmas presents, but as you know, me and your uncle Sam don’t have any kids of our own and we view Brad and you as our own, okay?”
    “Okay auntie”, I replied, eager to see what she had got me. Ever since I could remember, aunt Jackie and uncle Sam had gotten Brad and me presents at Christmas and on our birthdays and a lot of chocolate when Easter came round, although my parents never approved. Dad would always make my aunt and uncle give us the presents the next day, never the day of Christmas or on our actual birthdays. When Easter came round, we were never allowed to eat the chocolate eggs, although Brad and I would sneak some upstairs into our room when my parents weren’t looking. Every year, aunt Jackie brought us Easter eggs and each year, father told her she shouldn’t. Mum never threw them away though. She would melt them down and we’d all eat a dodgy chocolaty dessert which made no sense to me as I could never understand why we weren’t allowed to eat the Easter eggs but were allowed to eat them once they had transformed into something else.
    “Johnny, here you go.” Aunt Jackie handed me a fairly large gift, camouflaged in dark red and gold reindeer littered wrapping paper. I reached out and thanked her with a hug. She hugged me so tightly. She always did. I couldn’t wait to see what was under that wrapping paper. I tore away at it until I saw the greatest cuddly toy I had ever seen. It was a Smurf!
    “Oh thank you, thank you auntie” I beamed. The Smurf’s were everywhere! I adored the Smurf cartoon and had seen the Toys “R” Us in Lincoln, Nebraska turn blue with the amount of Smurf toys and merchandise that was on display.
    “Now, run along home and don’t say anything to your parents. I’ll keep him safe here with me until tomorrow.”
    As I left aunt Jackie’s home, all I could think of was my new best friend, my new Smurf teddy. I knew I couldn’t tell my parents anything and kept my secret. That night, I couldn’t wait to get to bed so that I could wake up and play with my new Smurf teddy.
    Brad was still downstairs having a mini celebration with my parents as Brother Kendrick’s had told him he had passed all the baptism questions and would be baptised at the next circuit assembly. I was so happy for him. We needed to get baptised as soon as we realised this was the truth and I knew – even then at the age of ten – that I wanted to serve Jehovah forever. Where all the worldly children wanted to finish high school and move onto college, I couldn’t wait to finish school and become a regular pioneer. If I was really good, I might even make it to Bethel and serve in Brooklyn with uncle Anthony and aunt Susan, my father’s older sister. Uncle Anthony was such a zealous elder and had gained a really high position. He and aunt Susan were of the 144,000 anointed class and so had a direct relationship with Jehovah God. Imagine that!
    I got into bed and leaned over to my bedside cabinet to turn off the lamp. I suddenly felt a chill come over me. ‘It’s the window’ I thought. I got up and walked over to the window and saw that the curtain wasn’t drawn to a full close. As I drew it shut, I saw something looking over at me from my aunt Jackie’s house. I stepped closer to the window. It was my Smurf! Aunt Jackie must have placed him in uncle Sam’s office window. As I drew the curtain over the window, I glimpsed something. It seemed as though my Smurf’s eyes had flashlights in them. They shone profusely. “Wow” I said out loud. ‘Their eyes light up too. That’s so cool’, I thought to myself.
    As a kid, I would always try and make up my own dreams by imagining something. Every now and then, my thoughts would continue into my dreams and that happened that night. I imagined playing with my new Smurf friend and what it would be like to tell my classmates that I had a great Christmas present. I don’t remember much of my dream, but I do remember having a conversation with my Smurf. From what I can remember, it was a lovely chat. I asked him if he wanted me to call him Hefty Smurf, after all, that was his name. He told me his name wasn’t Hefty but Apollyon. I had never heard of such a name but he was adamant that I should call him Apollyon. He told me we would be the best of friends and our lives would be better for it.
    I woke up at around seven twenty in the morning and ran over to the window to see Apollyon the Smurf. He wasn’t there. Aunt Jackie or uncle Sam must have moved him. As quick as you like, I got dressed, brushed my teeth and ran out of the house. Uncle Sam opened the door and smiled at me.
    “You’re here for your Smurf, aren’t you?”
    “Yes uncle. Thank you uncle”. As I walked in, auntie Jackie knelt down to my height. “Give your auntie a kiss”. I gave her a rushed kiss and cuddle.
    “Have you eaten breakfast Johnny?”
    “Yes”, I lied. I wanted to see Apollyon so much and didn’t want to spend time eating cereal or toast.
    “He’s over here, right where I left him yesterday”.
    “You’re funny”, I said, smiling at auntie Jackie. She had placed him upstairs, obviously for me to see him, and then brought him back downstairs again. Aunt Jackie looked a bit puzzled at my ‘you’re funny’ remark.
    She handed him to me. I reached out and pulled him towards me, hugging him tight. “Thank you so much!” I beamed.
    “Off you go now John. There’s no point asking you to spend a second longer here with us as all you want to do is play with your new toy”, uncle Sam said in a regrettable but ‘it’s okay if you leave us now’ tone.
    “Oh Johnny, tell Brad to come over as we have his present here”, aunt Jackie said as I ran out their front door.
    {Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.37.46 PM.png}
    My Smurf, Apollyon
    Over the next few days, no one could detach me from my Smurf. We spent what seemed like every waking and sleeping hour together. I even tried bringing him to our family study night, but father wouldn’t allow it. I never really liked our study nights. There was only so much a ten year old could learn about Abraham and Abimelech, plus, I had heard all this a thousand times before. It wasn’t as if something had changed. We as Jehovah’s Witnesses had the real truth and because we worshipped Jehovah and loved him, he loved us and would save us when he brought Armageddon. At Armageddon, all the wicked ones would die and only Jehovah’s faithful people would survive and turn the earth back into a paradise. We would all be happy in paradise and would have lions as pets and beautiful houses by a lake.
    I tried each night to get my Smurf’s eyes to light up, but they wouldn’t. I asked Brad to take a look but he couldn’t get them to light up either. He asked auntie Jackie for the instructions but she said there were none. Was I seeing things?
    A week had passed and Brad was staying over at a Brothers house. It was the first time Apollyon and I were on our own at night. It was then that it happened. I turned off the light and got into bed. As I pulled the covers over me and my Smurf, his eyes shone brightly. ‘Fantastic’, I thought. Finally, after a week Apollyon had come to life. To my amazement, he’d literally come to life. Now I know this might be weird for you to hear, but he started talking to me in that sort of high pitched Smurf voice. He told me that he loved me and that he would be my friend forever and ever. His name was Apollyon and he told me I was a clever boy for remembering his name from the dream. Apollyon went on to add that the good magic that allowed him to speak would be gone if I ever told anyone. I promised him it would be our secret. I was good at keeping secrets, unlike the others boys in my congregation. If they saw something that they didn’t like, they would run off to their parents and tell them. I was never like that. I kept myself to myself. I had a hard enough time as my dad was an elder, and I didn’t want to make things worse for me or for anyone else. So I definitely wanted to keep this secret.
    We grew closer and closer over the next few weeks. Apollyon would tell me so many stories about the Smurfs and where they came from. I had no idea they were real people, and smart people too. Apollyon would help me with my homework whenever I got stuck. I wasn’t the best maths student and my little cuddly Smurf would help me with my sums.
    Apollyon never did like sleeping in one place. We would always snuggle to sleep together but I would often find him under my bed or Brad’s bed in the mornings. Brad asked me to stop putting him under his bed as he had his secret box under it and didn’t want mum finding it. Why Brad would want to keep magazines under his bed in a box was a mystery to me at the time. Anyway, I told Brad that I would try and not place him under his bed anymore.
    One morning, Brad woke me up and seemed angry.
    “How many times am I going to tell you to keep your Smurf away from me?”
    “Don’t ‘what’ me John. You placed him around my neck and I woke up because I couldn’t breathe properly. Please stop doing this or I am going to tell dad and you know what he’s going to do.”
    Brad threw Apollyon at me and walked out the room.
    “Apollyon, you mustn’t go over to Brad’s side of the room. You’re going to get me into a lot of trouble.”
    For the first time, my Smurf never replied. He just sat there like a lifeless cuddly toy. ‘He must be upset’, I thought.
    The Incident
    It was our turn to clean the Kingdom Hall that Sunday. As dad was an elder, it was his responsibility to buy the cleaning materials. After mum had picked us up from school, we went to the local Walmart and bought everything we needed for the Kingdom Hall clean.
    Apollyon hadn’t spoken to me for days now and I was really worried. He hadn’t moved either. I kept him on my bed and held him when I slept but that changed nothing. What had I done wrong? I never told anyone that he was alive. Had the magic gone? I kept questioning myself, looking for answers.
    It was time for us to get ready for the meeting. I got dressed and left the bedroom after Brad. Apollyon sat, lifeless on my bed as I closed the door.
    When we got to the meeting, mum put the Walmart bag at the back of the hall in the cleaning cabinet that was housed in the literature room. The literature room had a wide window that looked directly onto the hall and platform, although the window-glass that once was there was no more. After shaking Brother Conway’s hand, mum sat us in our normal seats near the front. Brother Conway was always the first person at the hall and stood by the literature room door and welcomed everyone into the hall. His hands were always sweaty and I never liked shaking his hand but had to out of common courtesy.
    A Brother from the Omaha East Congregation gave the public talk. Boy was it boring. He kept talking about the spirit of love that filled us all. Even at that young age, I knew there were Brothers and Sisters that didn’t like us. The Smedley family for instance never liked us. I never knew why, but you could sense their fake friendship. Then there was the James family. I used to be best friends with their son Andrew, but his dad got disfellowshipped and we couldn’t be friends any longer, or at least not like we once were. They always sat at the back of the hall and no one ever spoke to Andrew’s dad. That was weird. Mum and dad told me that Andrew’s dad had done something very bad and hurt Jehovah.
    “When Jehovah sees that Andrew’s dad has come to love him once more, we can all start to speak to him again”, mum said. I could never understand that. What had Andrew’s dad done to make the creator of the universe sad? How bad must this man be?
    Finally, the talk was over and we clapped our hands. You could always gage how good the talk was by the applause it rendered. As always, we sent our congregation’s love back to the Omaha East congregation by clapping again.
    During the song, mum went to the toilet. This wasn’t fair as Brad and I were never allowed to go to the toilet during the song. When mum came back, dad was already on the platform and conducting the Watchtower meeting. Dad was a fine elder and really liked the little ones in the congregation too. He encouraged us all by asking questions during the Watchtower meetings that were aimed at us. I think I still hold the record for being the youngest brother in the Broken Bow congregation to have answered. I mumbled the word ‘Jiova’ – or something that seemed like that – when I was nearly three.
    Mother came back to her seat and looked at me. Her eyes became slits. She was doing that thing she did when she wanted me to answer her truthfully. It was her x-ray look, but she hadn’t asked me a question yet.
    “Why did you bring your Smurf to the meeting Johnny?” mum whispered in a stern tone. Ah, there it was; the question.
    “Mum, I never…”, I gasped
    I was taken aback. I had left Apollyon on my bed when I left the room. I closed the door, went downstairs, picked up my meeting bag, placed my prepared copy of the Watchtower in it and gotten into the car. How on earth did Apollyon open the bedroom door and get into the car?
    “Don’t lie to me John.”
    She took me by the hand and marched me to the back of the hall. I knew what was coming. It was so embarrassing. Although not as embarrassing as the time she yanked me by the ear all the way to the back of the hall.
    Mum picked up the Walmart bag and opened it while looking angrily at me.
    “There. What’s he doing in there?” she spat.
    I looked into the bag and saw cleaning utensils but no Apollyon, no Smurf.
    “Where mummy?” I said as I looked up at her.
    She looked into the large paper bag. Her eyes widened. She looked puzzled. Then it happened. As my mum looked up and through the literature room window, she gave out a loud shriek.
    I was a pretty short ten year old and couldn’t see over the counter. I wish I had never looked around the corner at the thing my mother was shrieking at.
    Apollyon was walking down the centre isle of the Kingdom Hall without a care in the world. Other’s started to yell and squeal. Sister Marsh screamed. Dad finally looked at the Smurf that was walking towards him. He turned white. I ran towards my Smurf. “Apollyon, no!!” I shouted. It was too late. Apollyon jumped onto the rostrum and shoved dad out of the way.
    “Listen up y’all and listen up good”, he said in that squeaky voice I had grown accustomed to.
    “Your time has come. You’re a fake organisation run by a bunch of fakes. Do you want new light? Here’s your new light!”
    His eyes turned on and for a moment it seemed as though they were being powered by two nuclear power stations. They were so bright and the light filled the hall.
    It took some time for my eyes to adjust. All I could see were black splotches intermingled with bright light and Watchtower magazines being flung left, right and centre. I’ll never forget the sound Apollyon made when my father started to shout out the name ‘Jehovah’. My ears cringed as Apollyon screamed. I looked up and saw him jump off the platform and run down the isle past me. He pushed open the Kingdom Hall door and shouted “If I don’t see y’all soon, have a Merry Christmas!”
    The rest of the evening and those days were a blur. We moved out of our home and I wasn’t allowed to speak with aunt Jackie or uncle Sam. Over the years, they did try to make contact, but even though I wanted to speak with them, I knew it best not to. Uncle Sam died of a heart attack some years later and auntie Jackie followed uncle Sam in death soon after as she lost her battle with cancer.
    The incident with the Smurf tore my family apart. My parents stayed together but there wasn’t any love there any longer. I spent years in therapy and it cost me a small fortune. I moved out to Maine in my late twenties and haven’t been to the meetings in years. My dad won’t speak to me any longer either, although mum does, in secret of course. I now know why none of us spoke to Andrew’s dad and that still upsets me.
    I never saw Apollyon after that day. Will I ever see him again? I don’t think so.
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  1. page W. Glen How edited {JWARCHIVEWIKIredcircle.jpeg} Subscribe to our mailing list Follow @JWNewsHistory {Scree…

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    {Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 4.39.35 PM.png} A Great Jehovah's Witnesses Trial and Appellate Lawyer (1919-2008) By Essam Farag
    Talks by Glen How
    Memorial Service for W Glen How given by ...
    Blood Transfusion - A Legal Religious and Medical Issue
    In 1997, the American College of Trial Lawyers, granted Glen How its award for Courageous Advocacy, the first time a Canadian lawyer has received this distinction. The college said that he has through the course of his long career, demonstrated courage and commitment as a trial and appellate lawyer, and a human being.
    In 1998, he was awarded the Medal of the Law Society of Upper Canada. He also received a certificate of appreciation and recognition from the Bar of Montreal in the following year for being a member for 50 years. In 2000, he was named an Officer of the Order of Canada, for consistently and courageously fighting legal battles to advance civil liberties and helping pave the way for the Canadian Bill of Rights and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Calling him, a "man of conscience," for working at minimal compensation to defend clients in every province of Canada, many U.S. states, Japan, and Singapore.
    How spent his entire professional career protecting and promoting the interests of Jehovah's Witnesses. He was not always successful, especially in defending the rights of Jehovah's Witnesses to refuse blood transfusions for their children during medical emergencies. But he did help to extend an adult's right to make personal decisions about his/her own health treatment.
    Jehovah's Witnesses believe that we live in a satanic world and live in anticipation for the end of this world, and the creation of a new one, in which we will be saved. Although they recognize that they must pay taxes, they have a disdain for state institutions, abhor patriotic demonstrations, abstain from military service, claim conscientious objector status in war time, and decline to salute the flag or sing the national anthem.
    Lawyer William Caplan, author of "State and Salvation: The Jehovah's Witnesses and Their Fight for Civil Rights", said that, "If Glen How got no in one court, he would just move the matter to another court. And if he got no there, he would move it further." And so he did all the way to the Supreme Court in 1950s, as counsellor in cases that established fundamental freedoms of religion, expression, and assembly more than two decades before the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was promulgated. He was known as a hard worker and resilient lawyer.
    It was his ability to navigate between religious and legal worlds that made him such a powerhouse lawyer for Jehovah's Witnesses in winning freedoms for them, yet he helped establish implied rights for everyone. He influenced future politicians such as Pierre Trudeau, who went on to introduce the Charter legislation as prime minister in 1982.
    Glen How was born in Montreal just after the Great War, in March 1919, and he died at the age of 89 in December 2008 in Ontario of pneumonia as a result of complications from prostatic cancer. After graduating from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor's degree in 1940, he proceeded to Osgoode Hall Law School, and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1943, subsequently qualifying in the Bars of Quebec, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Glen How was supposed to attend the Watchtower Bible School of Gilead in Patterson, New York, for training as a Jehovah's Witnesses minister in 1945. In the 1940s, How, Q.C. gained enormous litigation experience, primarily in Ontario and Quebec. His clientele, at one time, included about 22 per cent—some 1,600—of all Jehovah's Witnesses then living in Canada); who had been charged—mainly in Quebec—under the Criminal Code or provincial or municipal legislation, for practising their religious faith. Nonetheless, he then managed to author two influential articles for the prestigious Canadian Bar Review.
    The first, in 1947 (25 Can. Bar Rev. 573), recommended reforms of Supreme Court of Canada; incorporated by Parliament in 1949 legislation which facilitated How Q.C.’s Supreme Court litigation.
    The second, in 1948 (26 Can. Bar Rev. 759), materially contributed, 12 years later, to enactment of The Canadian Bill of Rights.
    In 1949, How Q.C. received the first of a series of Supreme Court of Canada judgments, in R. v. Boucher, one of a quintette of appeals—the others being Saumur, Chaput, Roncarelli, and Lamb—he brought (or assisted to bring) to the Court.
    In 1954, he married Margaret, a British Jehovah's Witness, who died in 1987 of cancer. The two had no children. In 1989, he was remarried to Linda Manning, a young American lawyer and Jehovah's Witness as well. He began working as general counsel for the still-illegal Witnesses. He defended the rights of the children of Jehovah's Witnesses to refuse to sing the national anthem in school ceremonies. Some in Quebec considered the Witnesses a serious threat to the dominance of the Roman Catholic Church, because of their strident condemnation of the gospels, and the manner of their proselytizing - knocking the doors, preaching in people's homes, and assembling in large gatherings.
    During 65 years of lawyering - including a private Toronto law practise (1954-1984) - How served as counsel for Jehovah's Witnesses - always pro bono - in every Canadian province and in New York (Federal Court of Appeals [2nd Circuit]), New Jersey and Illinois (Supreme Court), Texas, Washington, and Nebraska, and as counsel or consultant counsel in Italy, Trinidad, Japan and Singapore. However, How will be remembered for a trio of cases involving civil liberties in the Duplessis era in Quebec:
    The Boucher, Saumur and Roncarelli cases went to the Supreme Court in the 1950s. (I)The Boucher case [Boucher v. the King, [1951] S.C.R. 265], which used truth as a defence, eliminated an archaic Quebec law defining sedition as criticism of the government and led to the dismissal of nearly 125 sedition charges. (II) The Saumur case [Saumur v. City Of Quebec [1953] 2 S.C.R. 299], which relied on a defence of freedom of expression and religion, established that issuing licences to restrict a person’s rights to practise his or her faith was beyond municipal or provincial authority and led to the dismissal of more than 1,000 bylaw charges. (III) And the Roncarelli case [Roncarelli v. Duplessis, [1959] S.C.R. 121] established that publicly elected officials cannot arbitrarily invoke the law against individuals, as Mr. Duplessis had done.
    Incontestable is How Q.C.’s impact on recognition, development and growth of Canada's civil liberties. During Maurice Duplessis’s premiership of Quebec (1936-39 and 1944-59) opined former British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Thomas R. Berger, in Fragile Freedoms [:] Human Rights and Dissent in Canada,
    "Church and State joined in persecuting Jehovah's Witnesses, who carried their struggle for freedom of speech and freedom of religion to the Supreme Court of Canada again and again. …. The fervour of this small Protestant sect had more than a little to do with establishing the intellectual foundations for the [Canadian] Charter [of Rights and Freedoms]."
    Principal public face of their legal struggle—in confirming, protecting and asserting civil liberties for themselves and, by extension, all Canadians—was W. Glen How.
    {Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 7.24.25 PM.png}
    Related Items:
    History's Courtroom - with Glen How
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    January 10, 2009
    {Glen How Memorial 1.jpg}
    {Glen How Memorial 2.jpg}
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    - The Librarian.
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  1. page 1922 Cedar Point Ohio Assembly edited {JWARCHIVEWIKIredcircle.jpeg} Tweet Subscribe to our mailing list {Screen Shot 2013-08-12 a…
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    {Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 5.54.26 PM.png}
    If you have anyone has more photos from this convention (or audio) please add it to this post. Thank you - The Librarian
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  1. page 1 Peter and the New Birth edited {JWARCHIVEWIKIredcircle.jpeg} Subscribe to our mailing list Follow @JWNewsHistory Albert Sc…
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    Albert Schroeder
    1 Peter and the New Birth
    Usage of the Reference Bible
    Tucson AZ April 1986
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    English JW Landing Page
    Frederick William Franz (1893 - 1992) served as President of
    the Watch Tower Society from 1977 to 1992.
    He was a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses,
    first coming to a knowledge of the truth from a booklet ("Where
    are the dead") which he received from his brother in 1913.
    He entered Bethel service in 1920 and from 1926 was a member
    of the editorial staff, a Bible researcher and writer for
    the Society's publications, continuing to serve at Bethel
    until his death in 1992.
    (See "Proclaimers" p 130 - 131).
    You can read Bro. Franz full life story in the Watchtower
    of May 1st, 1987 p 22 - 30.
    Here is a most interesting audio presentation (mp3 format -
    90 minutes) which features a detailed discussion of Bro Franz
    life and experiences:
    "Decision: My Life Story," by Fred Franz. Lecture given approximately 1985. Franz relates his conversion to the Bible Students in 1913 and his subsequent service as a member of the Jehovah's Witnesses. At the time, Franz was President of the Watchtower Society. Franz died at Watchtower headquarters in 1992.
    It is presented by a man who knew Bro Franz's life story better
    than anybody else ... Frederick Franz himself!

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    Albert Schroeder
    Appreciating The Modern Magnificent Things Of God
    The Spiritual Temple and anointed
    March 1968 Inglewood CA Special Meeting evening
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